The Seabob ramp

Anyone who knows SEABOB, the nautical toy from CAYAGO Group, will know that it is the most popular and well-known water scooter that exists🥰 due to its high quality, but it has the disadvantage of how complicated it is to get it out of the water onto the yacht due to its high weight.

The inconveniences derived from handling the Seabob when it is manipulated to take it out of the water are known to everyone who has enjoyed the Seabob at some point, a few come to mind: -Scratches and bumps on the Seabob and the hull of the boat when it is introduced inside . This occurs when the person trying to store it leans the Seabob directly on the boat and tries to lift it with one arm. -Breakage of the Seabob when it remains below the aft platform of the boat and the water waves crush it against it, producing the nutcracker effect, -Bruises, sprains and pulls in people who have to raise and lower the Seabob into the water using their body and arms when having to lift more than 30kg. dead weight,…

Seabob has existed for more than 15 years and despite this there is no suitable product on the market that avoids the cumbersome handling. THE GOOD NEWS is that there is an invention that can solve this problem 🤗

The invention is called RampBob® and is in the process of industrial development and looking 🔍🌍 for investors 🫱🏻‍🫲🏼 with muscle💪

RampBob is a registered trademark M4180240, with national patent ES1289841 OEPM ES​. Protected by the Patent Cooperation Treaty of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) WO2023/194640, RampBob also has the corresponding favorable and relevant International Search Reports.